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Debbie Steel

Has a wide range of experience writing careers information and resources for young people, adults, employers and advisers.

With a background working with apprentices and teaching in further education, Debbie was employed as an in-house author before establishing herself as a freelancer in 2012. Debbie is available to research, write, copy-edit and proof to your requirements. Whether you want someone to blog, write web content, produce a careers brochure, or source and write career case studies, Debbie will ensure that your project meets your needs and is delivered to deadline.

Online materials

  • eCLIPS – careers leaflets widely used by schools, colleges and careers organisations; Debbie has an on-going contract with Adviza to keep this popular subscription-based resource up to date
  • Springpod – Debbie writes blogs on STEM issues aimed at employers and teachers
  • Lifepilot – website for adult learners and career changers; Debbie wrote and updated content for this resource developed by the Western Vocational Progression Consortium  
  • Career Comp@nion – wrote a series of Insight Articles        
  • Health Careers – contributed to the new site      
  •    'A Future in Chemistry' – contributed content for this Royal Society of Chemistry site and also answered students’ career questions on their ChemNet forum
  • English Heritage – produced property sheets for educational visits and edited various teaching resources.

Print publications

Whist working for Lifetime Publishing, Debbie edited From the Press – a careers/education news abstracting service – and co-wrote publications including the following (find more on Amazon):

  • Degrees with Less Debt
  • CVs and Applications: A beginner’s guide 
  • Navigate: A guide to options at 18+ with level 3 qualifications
  • Keynotes: Career development information for adults
  • A Year Off…A Year On? Making the most of your gap year
  • Coming Back to Learning: A Handbook for Adults
  • Careers with a Science Degree.

Debbie has written a number of resources for AELP: Supporting Partnership Approaches to Building Occupational Expertise for Learners, Apprentices and Employees (CPD materials), English and Mathematics in Apprenticeships (booklet for providers) and What functional skills can do for you (training pack and brochure for employers).

Special interests:

Working on eCLIPS affords Debbie a broad understanding of careers, in particular the choices made at different stages in a person’s life, and the wide range of careers, qualifications and training routes available. 

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Areas of particular expertise:

  • Adult Learning and Career Change
  • Apprenticeships
  • Occupational Information
  • CVs and Job Hunting
  • Editorial Services and Proofreading
  • Post 16 Choices
  • Pre 16 Choices
  • Higher Education and Graduate Employment
  • Work-related Education and Learning Resources
  • Case Studies and Interviews
  • STEM
  • Special Educational Needs and Disabilities

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Debbie Steel