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About Us

Parental Guidance is brought to you by the Careers Writers Association. We are highly experienced careers writers of articles, books and web-based materials for all age groups, particularly young people. Many of us are also experienced and qualified career advisers who have worked in schools, colleges and universities in the UK as well as overseas. Visit the Find a careers writer pages for more details on members including our special writing interests, areas of expertise and the wide range of organisations that have commissioned our work.

The aim of this site is to provide helpful information to parents and carers, many of whom feel at a loss about the best way to advise the young people in their care.

Our concern is that, following the demise in recent years of government support for guidance services in schools, careers information and advice for young people aged 13-19 is at best patchy, particularly in England.

Parental Guidance will give you some of the advice and information you need to support young people during their transition to adult working life. You will find up-to-the-minute and well-researched articles by the country’s leading careers writers.

“There are so many decisions to be made by young people these days and they’re under a lot of pressure. The Parental Guidance website is a great one-stop shop for information and advice for the parents of teenagers.”

Caroline, mother of Tim, 17 and Emily, 14

“I have used www.parentalguidance.org.uk for advice on 13/14 choices and university applications as my children are aged 13 and 16. The information is clear and concise and includes suggestions on where to find additional information on specific topics. I will be recommending this website to other parents as the education and employment world now is very different from when I was a teenager!”

Liz, mother of James and Sarah