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20 Top Jobs of the Future

No one can predict all the jobs young people will be able to choose from in the second half of the 21st century but here are just a few of the jobs that are likely to be in demand over the next 15 years.

  1. Care worker
    By 2037 the number of people aged 75+ will have almost doubled meaning a huge demand for people to work in care. Hugely rewarding, these can be careers with plenty of opportunities to progress.

  2. Software developer
    Computer programming skills are the most sought after area of expertise in the UK – they’re needed everywhere! From cloud computing to artificial intelligence to business intelligence to gaming – and other possibilities yet to be imagined.

  3. Online merchandiser
    Your mobile or tablet screen is the digital equivalent to a shop window and needs to attract those all-important sales too. eCommerce is one of the key job areas in retail these days and will continue to play a major role as more people shop online.

  4. Big data analyst
    How do you keep track of all the information stored about people and their habits and what can it all tell us? Big data means a big number of jobs.

  5. Carpenters and joiners
    The UK construction industry needs 135,000 new apprentices by 2021 in skilled roles such as joiner, bricklayer and electrician.

  6. Cyber security expert
    No-one wants to fall victim to cyber-based crime which is why the government is trying to tackle the issue by providing apprenticeships to encourage young people to choose this growing sector.

  7. Nurse
    There are currently around 24,000 nursing vacancies in the UK with most hospitals experiencing shortages. Bursaries for nursing degrees have been replaced with fees but there are now more routes into the career with degree apprenticeships in nursing now an option.

  8. Diagnostics technician (light vehicle)
    Cars are fitted with more electronics than you can shake a stick at these days and it’s the job of a diagnostics technician to spot the fault. With more electric and driverless vehicles hitting the road every year can we manage without them.

  9. Epidemiologist
    There will be lots of jobs in life sciences. Epidemiologists research the causes and effects of viruses and diseases in an increasingly global society.

  10. Large Goods Vehicle driver
    In huge demand across the country, LGV and HGV drivers support the UK logistics industry and keep everything running to time.

  11. Smart meter fitter
    By 2020 the government wants all homes and small businesses to be equipped with smart meters to measure energy use. How many fitters does it take to install smart meters in 50 million homes? Quite a few.

  12. Food technologist
    Agri-food is a growing sector with plenty of different job roles and it’s crying out for young people to join the industry.

  13. Aircraft pilot
    Over half a million new pilots will be needed across the globe over the next 20 years as passenger numbers increase and current pilots retire. Pay and prospects are good.

  14. Accountant
    Businesses and individuals need accountants to keep on top of the financial running of their business. And with more people turning to self-employment, the demand will continue.

  15. Teacher
    What would we do without them? We need more primary school teachers because the numbers of children in this age group are growing. We need secondary school teachers to teach physics, maths, chemistry and languages. We need teachers!

  16. Production manager
    Still an important sector in the UK, manufacturing especially needs people with good management skills to make sure everything runs smoothly.

  17. Fitness instructor
    We all know we should be keeping healthy. Fitness instructors can give us that helping hand.

  18. VFX / CGI
    It’s all about the special effects these days! The UK TV and film sector is extremely good at creating these and to keep it that way we need homegrown experts.

  19. Sales accounts managers
    All sectors need people skilled at selling things. There are lots of opportunities for those who can.

  20. Mechanical engineer
    Engineers are well paid and in demand. The UK expects that 186,000 people with engineering skills will be needed annually through to 2024 over the next decade.

Some areas of work may be growing fast but we’ll always need people to replace those who leave. Remember though, experts believe that perhaps around 60 per cent of the jobs around in 10 years' time have yet to be invented.

Helen Janota, May 2017

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